Training Courses

Training Courses

KINDI Center for Computing Research offers training courses related to cybersecurity. These courses offer a balanced approach between theory and practice. In addition, it is possible to follow certification tracks for obtaining certification from the KINDI center.

KINDI Cybersecurity training tracks prepare your organization for the probable cyber-attacks against your data and your systems, by enhancing the skills of your cybersecurity workforce. KINDI Cybersecurity training is aligned with the Ministry of Interior Cybersecurity framework as well as the NIST Cybersecurity Workforce training framework (NICE).

The training is designed by research faculty who have knowledge of the state-of-the-art in their field. Our team is made up of research faculty and research/graduate assistants who are experts in various fields such as cyber-physical systems, enterprise security, blockchain, wireless security, and cryptography. This unique expertise coupled with strong industry connections makes KINDI a national hub for cybersecurity research and training.

Certification Tracks

Become certified with KINDI Cybersecurity certification today, to benefit from:

The only cyber range-based training in Qatar
Alignment with MoI cybersecurity framework
Keeping up with the latest developments in the field
Alignment with international standards (NIST NICE framework, ISO 27000 series)
This track provides fundamental knowledge in cybersecurity, both from theoretical and practical aspects.

Course Code Course Name Description Duration Target Audience
C1 Cybersecurity Essentials An introductory course that defines essential terms and concepts about technology and Security 5 Days Engineers, Technical level employees
C2 Introduction to Network Security Network essentials, internet, and intranet security protocols and tools, and secure network topologies. 5 Days Security Engineers, Network Engineers
C3 Operational System Security This course discusses how attacks target networks and the methodology they follow; and how to deal with hacking attacks 5 Days Security Engineers, Network Engineers, System Administrators
C4 Software and Applications Security Software security covers the complete set of tasks for software design, development, and testing related to security. 5 Days Security engineers, Software Developers

This track is aimed at the management level, with a focus on information security management, governance, privacy, and legal issues.

Course Code Course Name Description Duration Target Audience
C1 Cybersecurity Essentials An introductory course that defines essential terms and concepts about technology and security. 5 days CISOs, Managers of all levels
L1 Information Security Management Systems Corporate information security management system (ISMS) based on ISO 27001 standard. 2 Days CISOs, Managers of all levels
L2 Cybersecurity Governance Security strategic plans development and information security policy assessment 4 Days CISOs, Managers of all levels
L3 Cybersecurity Leadership Short coverage of C1, L1, L2, and legal aspects (compliance) 5 Days CISOs, High-level management

This track is aimed at engineers and managers who want to establish a solid foundation in blockchain technology.

Course Code Course Name Description Duration Target Audience
B1 Introduction to Cryptography The course will deliver the cryptographic knowledge necessary to understand blockchain technology. 5 days Engineers, Technical level employees
B2 Blockchain Technology The course will cover blockchain basics and the consensus mechanisms. 5 Days Engineers, Managers. Blockchain developers
B3 Applied Cryptography Practical implementations of cryptographic protocols, secure protocol design and implementation practices 5 Days Security engineers

Cyber Range for Cyber Security Training

At KINDI Center for Computing Research we have the only Cyber Range in the State of Qatar. The cyber range is a platform that provides a virtual environment for the simulation of ICT and/or OT environments to be used for a wide set of purposes. It provides a safe, legal environment to gain hands-on cyber skills and a secure environment for product development and security posture testing. We use the cyber range for a variety of cyber security research and training exercises. These include attack simulation, user activity simulation, and attack scenario development.
The scenarios developed in the cyber range can be customized to mimic the network configuration of an organization. This allows your team of security employees to practice how they can defend against possible attacks in the real network, without damaging anything. For example, they can evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of deploying certain countermeasures to defend against specific attacks simulated in the cyber range. Our cyber range has the capabilities to support cyber security training exercises in all the courses that we offer in our catalog.
The Cyber Range also allows the instructor to monitor the progress of trainees as they solve cyber security challenges through a scoring system. This has made our cyber range an indispensable tool in the Capture-the-Flag (CTF) competitions that we organize yearly. In summary, our cyber range is capable of supporting the following activities: security testing, security research, competence building, security education, development of cyber capabilities, development of cyber resilience, competence assessment, and cyber security competitions.