Director’s Office

Dr.Abdulaziz Khalid Al-Ali

Director of KINDI Center for Computing Research
Assistant Professor in Computer Engineering
Multi-label Classification, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Mining


Prof.Maode Ma

Research Professor
Research Professor in Computer Science
Network security and wireless networking

Dr.Devrim Unal

Assistant Research Professor
artificial intelligence for cyber security, cyber threat intelligence, malware and botnet analysis, and application security

Prof.Ponnuthurai Nagaratnam

Research Professor
Research Professor in Computer Science Deep learning, Machine learning, Swarm and evolutionary computation, Randomization-based neural networks

Dr.Rozaimi Razal

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences, College of Health Sciences

Dr.Armstrong Nhlabatsi

Research Associate
Security Risk Analysis, Adaptive Security, Emergent Behaviour Analysis, Systems of Socio-Technical Systems

Dr.Sandy Youssef Rahme

Senior Graduate Programs
Fault diagnosis, sliding modes, anomaly detection, TCP/IP networks, LPV systems, adaptive observers, large-scale networks

Associated Members

Dr.Qutaibah m. Malluh

Professor, Computer Science
Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Department Cyber security, secure computation, distributed data management and storage system

Dr.Khaled MD Khan

Associate Professor, Computer Science
Secure Software Engineering, Cloud Computing Security & Trust, Security of Industrial Control Systems, Cognitive and Deception in Social Engineering

Dr.Tamer Elsayed

Associate Professor, Computer Science
Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Department Information Retrieval, Big Data Analytics, and Data Science

Dr.John Cabibihan

Associate Professor, Mechanical
Assistive and social robotics for the therapy of children with autism, lifelike prosthetics, bio-inspired tactile sensing, human-robotic touch

Dr.Uvais Qidwai

Associate Professor, Computer Science
Embedded Signal & Image Processing, Robotics, Medical Informatics, Machine and Deep Learning

Dr.Nader Meskin

Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering
Cyber-Security of Industrial Control System, Data driven-based Condition Monitoring, Diagnosis, and Prognosis of Complex Systems

Dr.Noora Fetais

Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Department Cybersecurity and Emerging Technology

Collaborative Members

Dr.Abdulla Al-Ali

Head of Department, Computer Science
Associate Professor in Computer Engineering Secure IoT and Communications, Cyber physical security, Secure medical devices and wearables

Dr.Adel Gastli

Professor, Electrical Engineering
Professor, Electrical Engineering Department Smart Grid, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Power Electronics, and Electric Vehicles

Dr.Ridha Hamila

Professor, Electrical Engineering
Professor, Electrical Engineering Department Wireless Communication and Security, Global Connectivity, Edge Computing, AI / Machine Learning

Prof.Sumaya Al-Maadeed

Professor, Computer Science
Pattern Recognition, Image and Signal Processing, AI, Bio-Metrics, Character Recognition, Writer Identification, and Digital Library

Research Members

Eng.Lamiaa Mohamed Basyoni

Graduate Assistant
Network Security, Transport Protocols, Privacy, Anonymous communications, Reinforcement Learning

Eng.Tooba Salahuddin

Graduate Assistant
machine learning and deep learning techniques for biomedical image analysis.

Management staff

Ms.Maryam Khalfan Al-Balushi

Project coordinator

Ms.Ghusoon Al Yafei

Administrative Coordinator