Qatar University Capture the Flag Competition

Qatar University
Capture-the-Flag (CtF) Competition

World Cup Edition Stage #1

Important Dates

The KINDI Center for Computing Research at the College of Engineering is organizing a Qatar University Capture-the-Flag (CtF) competition (CtF World Cup Edition Stage #1). The CtF competition is aimed at security capacity building, security education, development of cyber capabilities, development of cyber resilience, and cyber security competence assessment. Participants in the CtF will solve cyber security challenges in groups.
  • Registration Deadline: Thursday, 27th OCTOBER 2022, @2:30PM.
  • Practical CtF Training: Saturday, 29th OCTOBER 2022, 9am – 2pm.
  • CtF Actual Competition: Saturday, 5th NOVEMBER 2022, 9am – 2pm.